Midlife, Manhood and Ministry


By: Dr. Hillard

Facing midlife and ministry with grace, integrity, and faith.
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Facing midlife and ministry with grace, integrity, and faith.

– Shares candid and conversational stories from ministers facing midlife
– Looks at biblical men who struggled through their own midlife crises
– Provides wisdom and practical counsel for ministering after age 40

Middle age: the mere mention of it has been known to strike fear in the hearts of men across the nation. Pastors often counsel church membersindividuals, couples, parents and childrenwho are struggling with the emotional, relational, and physical changes that midlife brings. But what happens when the man struggling with midlife is the pastor himself? Pastor, husband, father, and mentor Donald Hilliard courageously describes his own journey into midlifeand talks candidly with other clergy around the country who share their own stories. Featuring a chapter that explores biblical men who strove to master their own midlife crises, this honest and conversational book offers testimonies, wisdom, and practical counsel for facing life and ministry after age 40 with grace, integrity, and faith.


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